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CentOS 5.4 is out!
  • CentOS 5.4 was officially released yesterday (Oct 21, 2009) and is available as a full download, or as an upgrade via yum. Release notes can be found here:

    My personal experience so far is good; I have upgraded all 3 of my slices and have not yet seen any issues. However, I can't guarantee that you will experience the same! Be sure to read the release notes to see what's changed before charging gung-ho into an upgrade!

  • We are currently testing a CentOS 5.4 image for Slicehost and hope to have one available as soon as possible.

  • Since you're in the process of revising the CentOS image anyway, could you confirm whether the "issue of extraneous packages": has been or will be addressed in the 5.4 image? I'm mainly concerned with the presence of 32-bit packages and packages related to X11.
  • The upcoming CentOS 5.4 image will be reduced down to the most minimal package set that can be installed (much fewer than the CentOS 5.3 image). Also, I've removed as many of the i386/i686 packages that can be safely removed.

    Right now, the image is being tested in our environment, but it has not been released for public use yet.

    Keep a close eye on the Slicehost blog ( for an update. As always, if you have questions in the meantime, feel free to ask!

  • Thanks for clarifying that! :)