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Gitosis and Capistrano 2.5
  • I'm having trouble getting capistrano setup. The issue is that my repository uses git and is managed by Gitosis. I followed the instructions over at: to get gitosis setup. The git user has a disabled password and uses a minimal shell.. not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    The line in my deploy.rb is:
    set :repository, ""

    I'm asked for my passphrase twice. The first time it's ok and the second time I get an error:

    [] executing command
    ** [ :: err] Permission denied (publickey).
    ** [ :: err] fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
    ** [ :: err] fetch-pack from '' failed.

    I can manually clone the repo by entering my passphrase so I'm a bit stumped as to the problem. Can anyone help me?
  • I am having the exact same problem.

    To add some information to this, I have just tried adding the server to gitosis.conf file and I still get this error as well.

    Anyone know what we are doing wrong?
  • I'm on Linux and I had the same problem on Github. I fixed with this suggestion...

    1. `chmod 600 .pub’ after creation.
    2. `ssh-add ’ in my shell.

    Edit: I believe this is also relevant for Mac.
  • Based on the info I found on this page:

    I added the following to my deploy.rb

    set :ssh_options, {:forward_agent => true}
    on :start do

    At least this got me pass the above problem (only to find another problem). Boy! Setting up a rails applications is difficult to do.
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