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.subversion folder and subversion config file missing?
  • Hi,

    So I just got a new mac mini (free of charge) and I was going to set it up as a local development machine for myself but I am ran into a slight problem. I jsut installed subversion 1.5 and was about to set up the Tunneling stuff as per PickledOnions excellent articles but there appears to be no .subversion file in my home directory or a config file to put that tunnel in. I need to tunnel in to work with my projects as I have turned off svnserve and restricted stuff to particular ports. I also find this very weird as I have the .subversion folder on my laptop (macbook pro) but it is strangely absent on this machine where i literally just installed subversion. any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

  • this is the svn install file i used, perhaps not a full install or something , Subversion-1.5.0.pkg
  • have you actually ran the svn command yet? I believe it creates those when it is first ran to check for things. If not then you can just create the files.