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Testing with Mechanize
  • I had a problem where I needed to test my django web app that I'm about to deploy on slicehost and thought I'd share an excellent tool for testing.

    Everyone load tests apps using things like apache bench but what does this really do and how does it simulate actual usage?

    Enter Mechanize. Check it out. Some of the ways I'm using it are the following:

    Simulating user signup and processing under load, user experience under load, looking for buggy or other types of error conditions and my favorite,

    The savage baggage handler test:
    It runs and aggressively clicks links, submits empty forms, clicks back while doing other operations and so on to see just how jacked things can get.

    I know a lot of people here are just starting out with django, but I work with it daily at my job and with my own projects so I've collected quite a bit of python and django wisdom along the way.

    So if these tidbits are helpful I'd be happy to share and help when it's needed.
  • I will definitely check this out soon. I've got a couple of large projects almost deployed here at work and this will be a huge help.

  • Actually, a co-worker of mine just owned me on this. Maybe I should ask before I leap.